Graduate Opportunities

Internship Scheme for Talented Individuals

At Gleacher Shacklock we recruit the most talented students and graduates, irrespective of gender, race or academic background. We encourage Interns to grow and develop in a collaborative environment and offer full-time Analyst positions to those Interns who impress during their internship.


If offered an Analyst position on the Gleacher Shacklock Graduate Scheme, you will benefit from a three-year programme during which you will gain exposure across our business, working with the firm’s different industry sector and product teams. You will work in small deal teams, learning directly from senior bankers, on a variety of complex projects including mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and debt advisory assignments, capital markets transactions, and strategic reviews.

Established in 2003

We are an independent corporate finance advisory firm offering the highest quality financial advice and transaction execution to major public and private companies and to the private equity, infrastructure and specialist investment fund communities.

Gleacher Shacklock is based in central London and is one of the few world-class advisory firms combining bulge-bracket investment banking expertise with the benefits of an independent, entrepreneurial culture.


We are owned by our Partners and offer the highest quality advice to our clients across a broad range of corporate finance and strategic matters. We combine in-depth industry expertise with market-leading advisory skills – all delivered within a highly confidential and unconflicted framework.


Students from all degree disciplines and academic backgrounds will have the opportunity to hear from members of the Gleacher Shacklock team at our virtual student events.

Our flagship event for 2020 will be an hour-long webinar where you will be introduced to members of the Gleacher Shacklock team, given information about the internship programme and receive a run through of the application process – highlighting the changes we have made this year, particularly around diversity. The team will also answer selected pre-submitted questions.

This event is open to all and the date will be confirmed shortly.


In order to provide an insight into what we do, each year we offer a number of internship positions to undergraduates and recent graduates.

We offer internship opportunities through two schemes – our summer and off-cycle schemes.

Summer Internship Scheme

Our main scheme is a 6-week summer internship scheme with two intakes: the first in June and the second in August. This scheme is primarily aimed at penultimate year undergraduates. Full-time Analyst positions are offered to selected Interns on this scheme, usually to start with the firm in the following summer upon graduation.

Off-Cycle Internship Scheme

We also run a flexible off-cycle internship scheme during the first half of the year. This has a similar structure to the Summer Internship Scheme but can vary in length from 6 weeks up to 3 months, depending on your situation and our business needs. Full-time Analyst positions are offered to selected Interns on this scheme on a bespoke basis.

The Process

  • Application

    To get started, you just need to upload a CV and answer three key questions which are designed to assess whether you have the core the skills needed for the role. Our blind application technology partner, Applied, helps us encourage diversity and strips away all of the unnecessary detail from an application to enable a demonstrably fair first review. We’ll then be in touch to let you know whether you have been invited to progress to the next stage.

  • Introductory interview

    Successful candidates will be invited to a short video interview with our recruitment partner, Freshminds. This is to get a better understanding of your skills and motivations, asking a small number of set competency questions.

  • Online test

    After the initial interview, we’ll ask you to complete an online test to review your core numerical skills which are needed for the role. You’ll be able to complete a practice session to prepare yourself and get to grips with the types of questions in advance.

  • Extended interview

    This is a more in-depth video interview to build up a clear picture of how you might work as part of the team at Gleacher Shacklock. We will cover a few different topics including (but not limited to): your understanding of the role of an Intern, within the wider context of investment banking, but also at a technical level; your understanding of Gleacher Shacklock’s business offering; and your motivations for your application.

  • Assessment Centre

    The final stage is an Assessment Centre led by the Gleacher Shacklock team, which is divided into two parts: one-on-one interviews and a small group exercise designed to assess your technical understanding and teamworking skills. (At this stage, we anticipate the Assessment Centre will be held at Gleacher Shacklock’s London office, but plans are in place to move this virtually if necessary.)

  • Offer

    If you have got to this stage then congratulations! You will be given a verbal offer and begin the on-boarding process. For those who don’t receive an offer, everyone who reaches the in-depth interview stage and beyond will have the option to receive feedback on the process from our recruitment partner, Freshminds. They will have a good understanding of your skills and how you performed along the process and will be able to give useful feedback for areas to work on as you pursue other opportunities in future.

Our Application Process

A Focus on Skills

Gleacher Shacklock is an equal opportunities employer. Using our innovative, blind testing technology creates a process which is designed to assess core underlying skills and aptitude. We are committed to increasing diversity in our firm and finding talented individuals without reference to gender, race or academic backgrounds.


An independent corporate finance advisory firm offering the highest quality financial advice and execution.

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